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Here at Peekaboos®, we've been looking for a way to give back.  Unfortunately, friends and family close to us have been affected by multiple sclerosis.  The best way we know how to help is by making hats, and now you can help too in the fight against MS by purchasing one of our Hats for Hope!  50% of all sales of our HOPE hats will be donated to help improve lives and find the cure.

In the past several years we've had the privilege of ​getting to know MS Run the US, a non-profit organization that goes to heroic lengths to raise funds and awareness for the MS Society.  The unique way they have chosen to make sure people notice them, is to run across the entire country.

In 2010, founder Ashley Kumlien began her 3,288-mile journey across America – on foot – from San Francisco, CA to New York, NY.  During her journey, Ashley ran nearly a marathon a day, 6 days a week, for 6 months straight. The event raised thousands of dollars and rallied thousands of supporters around the MS cause. Upon completion, Ashley became the 16th female to ever run across America, doing so in support of her mother who has lived with the disease since 1980. During the 6 month trek, Ashley wore through 9.5 pair of shoes, burned over 270,000 calories, and sustained an injury total of only two blisters.  And it 2013, their foundation achieved this daunting task again, this time as a relay.  You won't be surprised to hear that it's happening again in 2014!

We are inspired and impressed by the commitment their foundation has shown.  Because of this, we have chosen to contribute our donations to MS Run the US to help give them the strongest voice.  All contributions ultimately go to the MS Society.
Color:  Hope MS
Size:  Women/Misses


Peekaboos® Donates 50% of Sales

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