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Peekaboos® will keep you warm this season. Explore our exciting collections of women's and girls' ponytail hats!

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Peekaboos® is excited to offer an ever-growing collection of ponytail hats for women and girls of all ages.  The collections have grown to include the revolutionary Classic Cable design, the 4-piece The Elements, and the matching Vintage Snowflake set.  These collections bring a variety of design, color, fiber, and size options, which is why we call ourselves The Ponytail Hat Brand™.  All of our designs feature hidden openings for those looking to enjoy ponytail freedom. Utilize Your Style!

Classic Cable is one of our smartest designs yet, offering versatility and convenience in a ponytail hat.  The Classic Cable is available in three sizes, Women, Tweens, and Little Misses.  Each size is available in different colors, including 8 colors in the Women's size.  What does this never-before-seen idea have to offer? Its two hidden ponytail openings, covering 6" of ponytail height variability, allow for any hairstyle at anytime. Wear your hair high or wear your hair low, these specially designed ponytail hat holes are embedded in a cable knit twist to be there when you want them, hidden when you don't.  This hat is ready when you're ready!  Long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair - you'll find delightful comfort and warmth with our breakthrough, patent pending invention.  This hat was designed to be machine washable, non-itch, and hypoallergenic.

The Elements collection features four outstanding new knit ponytail hat designs, each one different from the other.  The collection is made up of EarthWindRain, and Fire.  Earth, our most intricate, heavily cabled ponytail hat, hides one opening.  Wind, heathered in color and basketweave in texture, hides three ponytail openings.  Rain, a soothing warm mist with knit waterfall, hides five openings.  Fire, textured in a chevron design resembling burning flames, hides one ponytail opening.  All four designs are fleece lined and constructed from a blend of warm lambswool.  Whether you're a fashion diva in the city, or truly enduring the elements, this collection of ponytail hats is where fashion meets function.
​The Vintage Snowflake set is a pair of knit hats inspired by traditional Nordic snowflake designs.  The first hat is an ivory women's knit hat with ponytail hole, featuring a red snowflake pattern.  The second hat in the set is a matching men's hat with reversed coloring, and no ponytail opening.  Keep you and your special someone warm this winter in this stylish couples set.  

Whether you're a runner, jogger, traveler, or trendsetter, whether you like to call it a ponytail hat, ponytail beanie, ponytail toque, ponytail cap, or just a Peekaboos®, you've come to the right place.   Look your best and save time and stress. Your hair looks great in seconds.  Our ponytail hats are a must-have for hassle-free Fall, Winter, and Spring days.

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